Rage Phonk Drum Kit

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The Rage Phonk Drum Kit is a sample pack perfect to make phonk beats. It's packed with 13 folders and 474 sounds, including cowbells and more.

We know that you want to make the best phonk beats possible, and this drum kit is perfect for that. Our samples are high-quality and carefully crafted to give your beats an authentic sound. With so many sounds and folders, you'll have plenty of options for creating something truly unique.

Making phonk beats isn't as simple as it seems. You need to pay attention to the details and make sure that everything sounds just right. That's why we've included cowbells and other percussive instruments in this sample pack. They add a unique flavor to your beats and help them stand out.

We took our time to create this drum kit and make sure that it had all the right components. Each sound was carefully crafted with the latest production techniques to give your beats that authentic phonk sound. We also included a range of cowbells and other percussive elements to give your beats some extra oomph.

We understand that phonk beats are all about getting creative and having fun. That's why we've included a range of different samples to make sure that you can explore different directions. We know that the possibilities are endless when it comes to making beats, and we want to give you the freedom to experiment.

So grab the Rage Phonk Drum Kit and start making some beats! With 474 sounds, 13 folders, and cowbells, you'll have everything you need to make some awesome phonk beats.

About Rage

Files: 474 Size:  327 MB ( 427 MB unzipped) 

Inside the pack: 

  • 808 (50)
  • Claps (35)
  • Cowbells (43)
  • FX (25)
  • HiHats (50)
  • Kicks (55)
  • Movie Samples (10)
  • Open Hats (35)
  • Percs (33)
  • Samples (18)
  • Snares (45)
  • Vinyls & Noises (15)
  • Vocals (60)


327 MB
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Rage Phonk Drum Kit

0 ratings